Dr. Chau of Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge is a top notch veterinarian who takes a holistic approach to the health of your pet. If you are reading this review you probably treat your pet as a member of your family and I can give this practice the highest marks for doing so as well. When I brought my sheltie in (for what would be diagnosed as pancreatitis), Dr. Chau looked over the entire animal and immediately noticed some issues with weight distribution that will come to affect his health later on. She had excellent and creative suggestions for how to mitigate future issues that might arise. My sheltie had exploratory surgery on the evening I brought him in and while it was never mentioned I believe that Dr. Chau stayed into the night to make sure it was accomplished with minimum delay. Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge is a small family owned practice. Even if you accumulate a large bill you will be expected to pay it in full immediately. Larger practices often have the luxury of working with you to get an extra day to pay your bill but that is not feasible at this office. This is not unusual for small firms, but you should be aware of it before seeking care here. They are very passionate about what they do at Family Veterinary Hospital of Stone Ridge. Most of my sheltie’s test results were accomplished in house with minimum delay and it appears they have extensive recovery facilities for your pet beyond a simple surgical setup. I was allowed to visit my pet back in the recovery area and was impressed with both the staff and equipment. The prices for services are in line with what you would expect from any veterinary facility. What makes them a five star review for me is the passion for your pet’s health – both in healing the immediate issue as well as the ‘big picture’ concerns and recommendations identified from a thorough examination of your pet.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review – Ken C


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Saturday: When Dr. Hendrickson is working, hours are 8am-4pm, when Dr. Chau is working the hours are 8am-1pm.
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For after-hours emergencies, please contact Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Fair Oaks at 703 591-3304 Or TLC in Leesburg at 703 777-5755