A Big Thanks!!!!‎‎ We cannot begin to thank Dr. Chau and the entire staff at Family Vet for taking such wonderful care of our dog” Riley”. Riley is our nine year old yellow lab with a heart of gold. We take Riley to therapy at Family Vet two times a week, and he absolutely loves going there! Each and every visit we are immediately greeted with a big hello from the staff, and Riley just adores this- making him feel so special. If anyone is familiar with labrador’s, you know they love the attention, and this is exactly what he gets! Riley’s visits include anything from water treadmill, acupuncture, laser, therapy, grooming, etc.. and the best thing is -it is all done under one roof! We are so pleased with the progress Riley has made to date with his therapy, thanks to Dr. Chau and her wonderful staff. Each session they work closely with Riley helping him to achieve the maximum improvement he is capable of for that session. They continue to monitor his progress each session and provide us with daily updates-allowing us to determine his ongoing needs/goals. I cannot imagine Riley getting better treatment anywhere else. We are so very blessed to have Riley in our lives, and we feel doubly blessed that we have Family Vet in our lives as well!

Fondly, Lynne


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