My kitty Cali is the Marley of the cat world. We rescued her from an overcrowded home in early July and has brought so much joy and fun to our lives! I chose Family Vet after I watched the promotional video on the website. I liked how she was also very close to my house so it was literally a five minute drive. I took Cali in for her first vet visit two weeks after we got her and was immediately impressed with how nice the reception area was and how friendly Marissa was, the receptionist and one of the techs. Dr. Chau was also very friendly and just had a very nice, relaxed, and sweet demeanor that I felt very comfortable with. Cali was given a clean bill of health and we went home. About a week later, I had to rush her to the vet cuz the little monster got into my birthday flowers, which happened to be stargazer lilies. Most cats die after eating lilies because they don’t exhibit symptoms right away and the first 72 hours are critical. Luckily, I caught her literally moments after she ate them but Dr. Chau and her team pretty much saved Cali’s life. They took so many precautions and were awesome in keeping me updated on her progress. Dr.Chau even told me that she was probably going a bit overboard in the followups because she wasn’t able to save 2 other cats to lilies before, so she wanted to be absolutely certain that Cali was ok. Our little monster is down to 8 lives now, but Cali is officially Dr. Chau’s first lily survivor!

I highly recommend Family Vet and trusting Dr. Chau and her team for your pet’s care!


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Saturday: When Dr. Hendrickson is working, hours are 8am-4pm, when Dr. Chau is working the hours are 8am-1pm.
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For after-hours emergencies, please contact Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Fair Oaks at 703 591-3304 Or TLC in Leesburg at 703 777-5755