Dear Dr. Chau You came thru again. Max was very sick and I had just came home from the hospital after major surgery. My wife G_ showed me Max’s ear and knew something had to be done pretty fast. We decided to take him, I was unable to help her she took Max in and Dr. Chau took him right away and told my wife she would operate and that he would have to stay all night. Dr. Chau was so kind like it was her dog and the technicians especially the young man who my wife was very impressed with. Dr. Chau called later that night to let us know how he was, and that we could pick up between 10 & 12 noon. She had told my wife he would need a bath with special soap after he got home. Someone was kind to give him a bath and they knew I had just came home from the hospital. I look at him laying on the living room floor he is the most beautiful dog in the whole world. Thanks again to Dr. Chau and to your office staff and technicians…


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