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    Help Your Pup Keep His Cool This Summer

    Jun 30 2022

    Summer is here and that means long, warm, sunny days to spend with our pups outside! Just as we take our own summer safety precautions like wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated, the same goes for…

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    Senior Pets: When “Slowing Down” is More Serious

    Jun 23 2022

    As our pets enter their “golden years” we often presume they will start “slowing down”, with longer naps and shorter play sessions. While some of these changes are normal and expected, others…

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    How To Avoid Online Pet Scams

    Jun 16 2022

    Whether looking for a purebred puppy or an exotic parrot, online scams are out there, attracting people with too-good-to-be-true prices and direct-to-home shipping offers. All the while, the animal…

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    Summer Road Trip Tips

    Jun 10 2022

    Summer vacation is almost here! The big question is, are you prepared to travel with your pet this summer? Some vacations are well-suited to include your furry friend, but it’s important to keep…

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    Homeless Cats Are Hidden Healthcare Workers

    Jun 02 2022

    If you’re reading this, you’re likely an animal lover who already knows that life is better with pets! In fact, research to understand the ways pets can impact their owners’ health and…

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    We are hiring! Positions available: vet tech and tech assistant

    Jul 12 2021

    We're where vet techs come to become veterinarians!  Interested in medicine or science?  We may be the perfect jump board to getting your career started.  We've recommended multiple…

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    Family Vet welcomes former-Pender vet Dr. Theresa Hendrickson

    Aug 27 2019

    Despite Pender's delay in removing Dr. Hendrickson from their website, it is true that in fact she has now joined Family Vet and sees appointments at both our South Riding and Middleburg…